Experience Bho Hoong village (2D/1N - RT014)

2 Days / 1 Night

Two days immersed in the unique ethnic minority region of central Vietnam!

Two days immersed in the unique ethnic minority region of central Vietnam!



8:00  Departing from Hoi An, our first stop is at Bang An Tower (a 1000 year old Cham tower). It is a part of the ancient Cham culture and is unique in its architecture and remains relaticely intact, despite the ravages of time and a number of wars.

8:30  We then wind our way into the mountains through the tea plantations, home to the Co Tu minority. We take a break at the tea plantations before visiting one of the few remaining Co Tu woodcarvers and his family. We will discover  Co Tu traditional value by exploring a miniature museum in his house which contains hundreds of unique artefacts and traditional tomb house.

11:30 Continue our journey deep in to the mountains. This area is very isolated and the culture and traditions remain essentially untouched by time; making this remote and staggeringly beautiful region home to one of the most authentic hill tribes to remain in Vietnam.

Our next stop is Bho Hoong, a traditional Co Tu village where we will stay for the night. Little has changed in the past hundred years in Bho Hoong and it is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of Central Vietnam.

12:00 After checking in Bhohoong Bungalows, you will have lunch served by local resident.

14:00 A light village walk, guided by a local resident, allows us to explore the village and unlock its cultural secrets. After our walk, we are free to enjoy swimming in the river (except rainy days).

15:30 We will have time to learn how to shoot Co Tu Crossbow.

16:00 It’s time to attend a 30 –minute- cooking demonstration with local people to explore Co Tu traditional cuisine.

18:30 The evening is highlighted by traditional dinner, traditional dancing performance and a chance to interact with the villagers, gaining more insight into their rich culture. Afterwards, return to your stilt house where the serene setting and clear mountain air will lull you to sleep.


8:00 In the morning, wake up to the sounds of the village coming to life. Enjoy breakfast and a hot cup of coffee as you watch the morning activities of the Co Tu, heading to the fields and preparing daily meals.

9:00 Enjoying the brocade weaving, a craft the Co Tu are famous for.

10:00 We descend back down toward the coast, stopping along the way to have lunch at a local restaurant before heading east to Hoi An.

16:00 Return to hotel.