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Travel Consulting

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Vinh Hung Restaurant is located in the heart of the historic old city of Hoi An. We have a selection of Vietnamese and Western-style dishes. Visitors will experience the real taste of Hoi An with our food as well as drinks (fruit juice, local beer, Vietnamese coffee,..). Visit us at: www.vinhhungrestaurant.com

We are currently owning and managing some of hotels in Hoi An:

Hoi An Chic hotel (www.hoianchic.com)

Vinh Hung Library hotel (www.vinhhunglibraryhotel.com)

Cat Tuong villas (www.cattuongvillas.com)

Asides, we have a projects of community-based tourism in the west of Quang Nam province. Our main goal with our responsible travel ethic is to provide a sustainable income stream for Bho Hoong village without sacrificing the traditional beliefs and customs of the local people. At the same time giving visitors a unique chance for cultural interaction and exchange

Bho Hoong bungalows (www.bhohoongbungalows.com)

Rose Travel offers diversified transportation services to suit individual and corporate needs. We have a range of air conditioned cars, US military jeep, vintage vespa, bicycle, boat to get you or group to their destination. Our goal is to provide our clients with the highest quality transportation services so that getting to your destination becomes a great travel experience. We operate a 24 hour in-house dispatch center and are able to get you any vehicle you need in no time.